Born with Wings

Parapenten in Bucaramanga

Bucaramanga, 30 June 2013

With the arrival in Cartagena I’m back on the South American continent and the trip through Central America is completed. From there it goes to Bucaramanga where I ‘m going to do a paragliding course to eventually fly solo. The first two days are dedicated to trying to raise the glider without problems. This means a lot of running because for now that is the easiest way. At the end of the second day I custimize my harnass in the simulator and then comes the first solo flight very close. I had already flewn one time with Herman, my instructor, to get an understanding how a glider feels and flies.Read the rest

On an Uninhabited Island

Panama locks near Panama City

Cartagena, 24 May 2013

After Boquete is the next stop Panama City. I had first planned something else to visit. What is on an island inside a national park It can be almost only be traveled on an expensive tour, but sometimes there are possibilities to make a deal with local fishermen for a day trip. However, this place was a long way from the route and I was not sure I could find a place to sleep and if I could be there in time. Therefor I finally went to Panama City. Panama City is known for the Panama Canal with its associated locks but it also has a very old part.Read the rest

On Top of Panama

The cross on Panamas highest Mountain

Panama City, 18 May 2013

With the short stop in Costa Rica it is now time for Panama. From Cahuita is a short drive to the border with Panama. I will take the bus and just get off before the border post and it’s a relaxed border. There is a small office for what seems like an old railway bridge. After I received my exit stamp I am looking where I have to walk across the border. Normally just follow the traffic. But here it is more difficult, because what initially seems like a railway bridge is also a railway bridge.… Read the rest

Jump to the Valley

View on volcano Arenal

Bocas del Torro, 4 May 2013

With the bordercrossing to Costa Rica come the first problems looming. After previously done ‘research’ I understood that Costa Rica uses a stricter policy than other countries in the region. But I was not prepared for such a thorough check. When I left from San Juan del Sur to the border I thought I would be through it with an hour and then on my way to Monteverde. But when I arrived at the Costa Rican immigration there was a very long line. And that was only to the building.Read the rest


View from the volcano on Ometepe Island

San Juan del Sur, 12 April 2013

In my previous blog post I finished with my stay in Masaya . Hence it is a short drive to the airport what easily can be done by bus. Because the bus stops right in front of the airport. I did not have a ticket to Big Corn Island because booking over the internet was not easy and you had to book at least 24 hr in advance. Therefor I left from Masaya in the morning for the airport to check if there was place on the plane. And that was indeed the case for the afternoon flight.Read the rest

Visit to the Devil

View on laguna de Apoya

Masaya, 06 April 2013

In Leon I doubted if I should go to Managua and then see if I could easily continue onwards to the Corn Islands or go first to Masaya. Arrived in Managua , checked at the hostel if there was place, the decision was already made ​​for me. There was no place, only at high prices, though I arrived somewhere else than I had expected. In Managua I took the bus to Granada and asked if they could warn me when they passed Masaya. And halfway through the trip I suddenly saw a sign saying ‘thank you for visiting the Masaya region.Read the rest

Swimming through a Canyon

Sandboarding in Leon

Leon, 30 March 2013

After my shopping day in Honduras, I planned to go to Nicaragua. At first the idea was to go directly to Leon. But after a “thorough” investigation I found out that near the border with Honduras there is a small village, where you can relax from the view while you swim through a canyon. And because the distance to Leon was significant I decided that I needed a day of relaxation. When arrived in Somoto, I went directly looking for some information. And of course everybody knew about the canyon and how to get there.Read the rest

Watching Birds

View from the national park to Lago de Yajoa

Tegucigalpa, 23 March 2013

After the party on Utila at the dive school I go to Lago de Yojoa. That is just below San Pedro Sula and is the largest lake in Honduras. It has two national parks that are partly located in the mountains next to the lake. As a result, there can be seen many species of fish and bird species. Thus go Alex, which I met again in Utila, and I the next morning looking for a way to get into the park. Arrived at the park, we go for the longest trail that still offers the opportunity to take a detour via another trail.… Read the rest

Only Just Churches and Parks

Main plaza in Copan

Utila, 16 March 2013

After Juayua I left for Santa Anna to make the jump to Honduras easier. I still needed to get up early, but at least not in the middle of the night. Wink First I’m going back to Guatemala for a small piece to go up and than take the road towards the border and Copan. This is a lot faster than travel directly to Honduras because it is a common route that many people, who travel in Guatemala, take for a trip to Honduras to see the Mayan ruins of Copan. After I have done the two border crossings I arrive after a long day of traveling to Copan Ruinas.… Read the rest

On a Hunt for Birds

Hunting for birds in a Church

Santa Anna, 7 March 2013

After Guatemala  the next country is el Salvador. From Monterico I must therefore return to the main road. So first the lancha through the mangroves. And then by bus to the main road. There I wait for a bus to the border and arrived at the border I go smoothly  through all checks. No stamp of El Salvador because that is not required by the immigration officer. Too bad because this way that passport is never getting full. Wink

After the border I’m waiting for a bus to Sonsonate to take the bus to the beach of el Tunco.… Read the rest